Best Halloween Stores in Minnesota: Your Ultimate Guide for Spooky Shopping!

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Spooky season is here, folks! If you’re in Minnesota and haven’t started your Halloween preparation yet, don’t fret. We’re about to share some insider tips on where to find the best Halloween stores in your area.

Minnesota is a state that takes its All Hallows’ Eve seriously. From costume contests to corn mazes and haunted houses, there’s no shortage of festive spirit here. But let’s start with the basics – finding the perfect getup for yourself or your little ones.

So grab a pumpkin spiced latte, pull up a seat, and let’s dive right into our list of top-rated Halloween stores across Minnesota. Whether you’re looking to scare the bejeezus out of your neighbors or want to win that best-dressed award at your office party, we’ve got you covered!

Top Halloween Stores in Minnesota

Hey there, fellow Halloween enthusiasts! If you’re on the hunt for the best haunts to snag your spooky swag this season, we’ve got your back. Minnesota’s got a pretty impressive lineup of stores that cater exclusively to All Hallow’s Eve fanfare. Let’s dive right into it!

First up, we have Halloween Express in St. Paul which is a seasonal pop-up store and quite the crowd favorite. It’s jam-packed with everything from high-quality costumes for all ages to intricate home decor pieces that’ll give your place the perfect eerie ambiance.

Next on our list is the Spirit Halloween in Rochester. This spot offers an extensive range of costumes – think superheroes, fairy tale characters, or even famous personalities! They’ve also nailed the game when it comes to accessories like wigs, masks and makeup kits – basically all you need for a total transformation!

Now if you’re looking for something truly unique and don’t want to bump into another ‘you’ at a party (awkward!), then head over to Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co in St.Paul. They offer custom-designed outfits that’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t forget about Costumes Plus in Maplewood either! This one-stop-shop has an array of decorations so vast; you could probably turn your house into a haunted mansion overnight…if that’s what you’re aiming for!

And last but definitely not least is Party City located across various locations throughout Minnesota – they’ve got aisles upon aisles dedicated just for Halloween goodies.

So there you have it folks – some of Minnesota’s top spots where you can get everything necessary to make this year’s October 31st celebration one-of-a-kind! No matter what kind of spooky spectacle you’re planning on creating this year, these shops are equipped with all things creepy-crawly and downright chilling. Happy shopping and, of course, Happy Halloween!

Affordable Costume Choices in Minnesota

Looking for a spook-tacular Halloween costume without breaking the bank? You’re in luck! Minnesota is home to several stores offering affordable costumes just in time for your fright night festivities. Let’s take you through a few of them.

Just around the corner, you’ll find Theatrical Costume Rentals. They’ve got a massive selection of over 10,000 costumes on hand. From pirates to princesses and everything in between, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. Besides, their prices are quite reasonable with most outfits ranging from $25-$75.

Next up is Twin Cities Magic & Costume Shop, which offers an amazing variety of budget-friendly disguises. Whether it’s superheroes or scary monsters you’re after, they’ve got you covered. And guess what? Most costumes here won’t set you back more than $50!

Another place worth checking out is Costumes Plus located at Maplewood. They offer themed attire for everyone from toddlers to adults and even pets! The best part? Their prices start as low as $15.

If vintage style suits your spooky spirit better, then head straight to Via’s Vintage Wear where retro meets horror at pocket-friendly prices!

Lastly don’t forget about second-hand stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. These places often have hidden gems waiting to be discovered by thrifty costume-hunters like yourself! The average price range here varies greatly but expect to find cool pieces starting around $5!

Remember folks; when it comes down to Halloween shopping in Minnesota – it’s not about how much money you spend but the creativity that counts! So go ahead and explore these wallet-friendly options this season.

Best Locations for Halloween Decorations

Alright, let’s dive right into the heart of Halloween and explore some of the best spots in Minnesota to find your spooky decor. Whether you’re decking out your front yard or just adding a few eerie touches around the house, these stores have got you covered.

First up on our list is Spirit Halloween. This pop-up shop is a seasonal favorite that springs up all over Minnesota each fall. They’ve got everything from life-size animatronics to tabletop decorations. You can expect to find an array of items that’ll fit any theme you’re going for – whether it’s haunted mansion, creepy carnival or zombie apocalypse!

Next, we turn our attention to Halloween Express. Now don’t be fooled by its general name! With locations in Maplewood and Bloomington, this store specializes in Halloween goodness year-round. What sets them apart? It’s their wide selection of outdoor props and decorations that cater to both the faint-hearted and horror enthusiasts alike.

If you’re looking for locally owned options, then Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co should be on your radar. Located in St.Paul, they offer an eclectic mix of classic Halloween decorations along with unique finds that are sure to make your home stand out this spooky season.

Here’s another one – Party City may not specialize solely in Halloween decor but they do carry an impressive assortment during the season. Skeletons? Check! Cobwebs? Check! Giant inflatable black cats? You betcha!

And lastly but definitely not least – there’s no way we could forget about good old Target! Known for their trendy selections at affordable prices, their Hyde & Eek Boutique line becomes a hot spot as soon as October rolls around.

Remember folks, it ain’t about where you shop – it’s about how creative you get with what you buy! So head on over to these stores and let your imagination run wild.

Minnesota’s Spookiest Stores: A Review

You know it’s that time of the year again when the leaves start to change color, there’s a chill in the air, and Halloween stores pop up all over our beloved Minnesota. But hey, with so many options out there, how do you choose where to shop? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

First off on our list is Terror Town, located right in the heart of Minneapolis. It’s not just a store – it’s an experience. The moment you step inside, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into one spooky town indeed. They’ve got everything from costumes and decor to unique props that’ll make your Halloween party an absolute hit!

  • Location: Minneapolis
  • Speciality: Costumes & Decor

Next up is The Crypt, nestled in Duluth. This place takes ‘creepy’ to another level with their extensive collection of horrifying masks and accessories. The staff here are super helpful too; they’re always ready to help you find exactly what you need for that perfect scare.

  • Location: Duluth
  • Speciality: Masks & Accessories

Oh, and did we mention Fright Factory? Situated in Rochester, this store offers a wide range of children’s costumes (don’t worry parents – they’re more cute than scary!). Plus, they have some really cool Halloween-themed candies that kids absolutely love.

  • Location: Rochester
  • Speciality: Kids’ Costumes & Candies

Of course, we can’t forget about Spooky City over in St Cloud! If you’re looking for quality decorations at affordable prices then this is definitely the place for you! Their inventory ranges from intricate lighting set-ups to life-sized skeletons – basically everything needed to transform your home into a haunted house.

  • Location: St Cloud
  • Speciality: Decorations & Props

So there you have it folks! Your guide to some of Minnesota’s spookiest stores. We hope this helps make your Halloween shopping a little less daunting and a whole lot more fun!

Family-Friendly Halloween Shops in Minnesota

Hey there, Halloween enthusiasts! If you’re looking to get your spooky shopping done with the whole family in tow, you’re in luck. There’s a bunch of great stores right here in Minnesota that cater to all ages. Let’s dive into some of our top picks.

First up, we’ve got Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co. Located smack dab in the heart of St. Paul, this shop has everything from cutesy costumes for your little ones to scarier ensembles for the older kids (and let’s be honest, you adults who are still kids at heart). The best part? They offer make-up tutorials and tips so you can take your costume game up a notch!

Next on our list is Halloween Express, scattered across different locations like Maplewood and Shakopee. Their vast selection will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether it’s princess gowns or superhero capes your kiddos are after, they’ve got it covered.

Don’t forget about Party City—they’re not just about streamers and balloons. You’ll find aisles stocked with Halloween goodies such as decorations, party supplies, and yes—you guessed it—costumes galore! Plus, they’ve got a nifty online shop if going out isn’t quite your thing.

And finally—who could forget Spirit Halloween? They’re like the pop-up book of Halloween stores – appearing just when you need them most! With numerous locations throughout Minnesota including Bloomington and Duluth, Spirit is known for its range of unique costumes that appeal to all ages.

So there we have it—a round-up of some of the best family-friendly Halloween shops right here in Minnesota! No matter what kind of creepy creature or charming character your family wants to dress up as this year—we bet these stores have just what you need.

Online Options for Halloween Shopping in Minnesota

Alright, let’s dive right into this. You’re looking for some great online shopping options for Halloween costumes in Minnesota? You’re in luck! There are plenty of online retailers catering to the spooky season and ready to deliver right to your doorstep!

The first one you might want to check out is Party City. They’ve got a wide selection of costumes from cute little pumpkin onesies for babies, all the way up to full-on horror movie character getups for adults. What’s more, they offer expedited shipping so you’ll get your costume just in time even if you’re late on deciding what you want to be.

Then there’s Spirit Halloween. This store has become somewhat of an institution when it comes to Halloween shopping. Their website is easy-to-navigate and filled with options that cater to every age group and taste. Whether you’re going as something scary like a zombie or prefer a pop culture-themed outfit like a Star Wars character, Spirit Halloween has got you covered.

If you’re after something unique or handcrafted, then Etsy could be your best bet. This marketplace brings together artists and crafters who create one-of-a-kind pieces that will make sure nobody else at the party has the same costume as you do! Plus, many sellers offer customization options so your costume can fit perfectly.

Now let’s not forget about Amazon – their range is massive! With Prime delivery available on many items, it’s handy if you’ve left things until last minute but still want a fantastic costume.

Finally, based out of North Mankato, Minnesota offers an impressive variety too! From classic vampires and witches to recent pop culture hits like Stranger Things characters, they’ve got quite an extensive inventory!

So folks, go ahead and start browsing these sites now before the mad rush starts…and remember: It’s all about having fun!

Thrift Stores Vs. Speciality Shops: Where to Buy?

So, you’re all set for Halloween but aren’t sure where to buy your costume from? You’ve got two main options – thrift stores and specialty shops. Let’s break it down and see what each has to offer.

Thrift stores are often a treasure trove of unique finds. They’re perfect if you want a one-of-a-kind costume that won’t be duplicated at any party. Plus, they’re usually budget-friendly! In Minnesota, there are plenty of fabulous thrift stores like ‘Arc’s Value Village’ and ‘Unique Thrift’. These stores have an extensive range of costumes, accessories as well as decoration items.

  • Arc’s Value Village: Known for its vast selection and wallet-friendly prices.
  • Unique Thrift: This store offers a variety of vintage pieces that can make your costume stand out.

On the other hand, we’ve got specialty shops such as ‘Halloween Express’ or ‘Spirit Halloween’. These places are dedicated solely to Halloween merchandise so they tend to have very specific items in stock.

  • Halloween Express: Stocks up-to-date pop culture costumes.
  • Spirit Halloween: Offers everything from costumes for kids and adults to home decorations.

Now, let’s talk about convenience. Specialty shops provide complete outfits with matching accessories making your shopping experience less stressful while thrift stores may require some creativity on your part since the selections vary widely.

In terms of quality, both types deliver differently. Specialty shops offer new products ensuring high-quality materials but at higher prices whereas thrift stores sell second-hand items which might not be in pristine condition but definitely lighter on the pocket!

Remember that no matter where you decide to buy from, planning ahead is key as popular sizes and styles tend to sell out quickly!

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Store for Your Halloween Needs

So, you’ve made it to the end of our Halloween store tour in Minnesota. We’re sure your head’s spinning with all those fantastic options. It’s a tough job picking out just one perfect spot for your spooky needs. Don’t fret though! The key is understanding what you need and matching that to what each store has to offer.

Every one of these stores has its own unique charm, whether it’s Party City’s extensive range or Spirit Halloween’s unbeatable atmosphere. If you’re looking for something specific, like a rare prop or an obscure costume, then Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co might be your go-to place.

For those who are eco-conscious and want to keep their celebrations sustainable, Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store should top your list. Their second-hand costumes are not only affordable but also green!


  • Party City: For a wide range.
  • Spirit Halloween: For a complete Halloween experience.
  • Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co: For rare finds.
  • Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store: For budget-friendly and eco-friendly choices.

Your choice ultimately depends on what matters most to you this Halloween season – variety, ambiance, rarity, or sustainability? Whichever store you decide on in Minnesota, we’re confident that they’ll help bring your frightful festivities to life!

So there we have it folks – navigating through the best Halloween stores in Minnesota doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. With this guide by your side, choosing the right store will feel less like a trick and more like a treat! Happy shopping and may you have the spookiest of Halloweens!

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