Best Halloween Stores in Illinois: Your Ultimate Guide to Spooky Shopping!

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Halloween’s right around the corner, and you’re probably on the hunt for that perfect costume or spooky décor. Well, you’re in luck because Illinois is home to some of the best Halloween stores around. From Chicago to Springfield, there are countless shops ready to help make your All Hallows’ Eve truly haunting.

Now, it’s not always easy picking out where to go with so many choices at your fingertips. You might be wondering – which store has the best selection? Which place offers top-notch customer service? Maybe you’re looking for a shop that goes above and beyond just selling costumes. We’ve got you covered!

To give you a hand, we’ve scoured all corners of Illinois and put together a list of the very best Halloween stores in our great state. Let’s dive into these hidden gems full of ghoulish goodies! Whether it’s scary masks, enchanting decorations or unique costumes – these stores have something special waiting for you this Halloween season.

Unmasking Illinois’ Top Halloween Stores

So, you’re on the hunt for that perfect spooky costume, are ya? Well, let me tell ya, Illinois has got you covered with some of the best Halloween stores around. Let’s take a ghoulish tour and unmask some favorites.

First stop on our list is Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. Now this place isn’t just a store; it’s an experience! They’ve been outfitting horror fans and trick-or-treaters for over 50 years with their year-round Halloween shop. From classic witch hats to intricate cosplay outfits, they’ve got something for everyone.

Next up is The House of Fun in Oak Park. This little gem is bursting with both nostalgia and novelty. You’ll find costumes from your favorite movies and TV shows alongside funky accessories that add the finishing touch to any look.

Alrighty then, moving along… we stumble upon Dallas & Co. located in Champaign. This family-owned business boasts a colossal collection of costumes, decor, makeup kits…you name it! Plus, their friendly staff always goes above and beyond to make sure you’re sorted out for the scariest night of the year.

Finally, there’s no way we can leave out Halloween City – scattered across multiple locations throughout Illinois. These guys truly have everything under one roof – adult costumes, kids get-ups, home decorations… even pet outfits!

Here’s a quick recap:

Store Name Location
Fantasy Costumes Chicago
The House of Fun Oak Park
Dallas & Co. Champaign
Halloween City Multiple Locations

And remember folks – these are just a few examples among many others out there waiting to be explored in Illinois during your quest for terror-ific treats this Halloween season!

Diving into Costume Variety at Illinois Halloween Stores

You’re in for a treat when it comes to the costume variety at Illinois Halloween stores. Whether you’re going for spooky, funny, or somewhere in between, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s start with Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. It’s a year-round store that boasts a massive selection of costumes. You’ll find everything from classic witches and vampires to pop culture icons like Harley Quinn and Black Panther. What makes Fantasy Costumes stand out is their extensive plus-size collection. So, no matter your size, they’ve got you covered!

Moving along to Dallas & Co in Champaign – another haunt worth checking out! With over 1 million items in stock, the options can seem endless! They even offer custom-made costumes if you want something truly unique.

Don’t forget about Costume Corner located in Loves Park. Their specialty? Vintage and period pieces! If you fancy yourself more of a ’20s flapper or an ’80s punk rocker than a traditional ghoul or goblin, this is your place.

For those residing near Lake Zurich, there’s Halloween City. Known for its wide range of kids’ costumes – superheroes, princesses, animals – it’s perfect if little ones are joining your Halloween fun.

Now let’s talk numbers:

Store Adult Costumes Kids’ Costumes
Fantasy Costumes Over 6000 Around 3000
Dallas & Co Over 5000 Around 2500
Costume Corner Over 4000 (mostly vintage) Limited Selection
Halloween City Around 2000 Over 3000

All these stores have one thing common: they’re dedicated to making sure you have the best costume come October 31st! So why wait? Start exploring your options now and make this Halloween one to remember.

Exploring Spooky Decorations in Illinois Halloween Shops

So, you’re on the hunt for that perfect Halloween decoration? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’ll find some of the most spooktacular Halloween shops right here in Illinois. These shops have everything from creepy hanging skeletons to blood-curdling monster masks. Let’s dive into what makes these places so eerily awesome.

First off, take a spin around Spirit Halloween in Rockford. It’s like stepping into your worst nightmare – and loving every minute of it! They’ve got an aisle just for life-sized animatronics that will make your skin crawl. Think about having a talking, head-turning witch greeting your guests this year!

Then we have Halloween City in Chicago which is another must-visit spot. It’s chock-full of eerie decorations to give any place that haunted house vibe. Their specialty? A vast collection of ghostly figurines and chilling wall decals.

On to Naperville where Halloween Hallway Costume Stores beckons all lovers of fright nights with its impressive display of ghastly props and scary costumes.

  • Fog machines? Check.
  • Tombstones with RIP engraved? Double check.
  • Giant spiders with red eyes? You bet!

In case you’re looking for something unique, try Marion’s Fantasy Costumes; their variety is truly mind-boggling!

Finally, let’s not forget about Peoria’s very own The Costume Trunk, where you can find all kinds of gruesome accessories – from severed hands to skull candle holders.

All said, each one brings its own twist on terror to make sure your All Hallows’ Eve celebrations are unforgettable! So get ready to creep it real this Halloween with decorations from these top-notch stores across Illinois.

Best Children’s Costumes in Illinois Halloween Outlets

Hey there, costume-hunting parents! We know you’re looking for the best Halloween stores in Illinois to find perfect costumes for your little ghouls and witches. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into some of your best options.

First up, we’ve got Fantasy Costumes located in Chicago. This store is a dreamland for kids who want something unique and fun. Their selection spans from classic princesses and superheroes to trendy characters from the latest popular movies and TV shows. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world!

Next on our list is Chicago Costume with multiple locations throughout the city. They have an impressive collection of children’s costumes that’ll make any kid’s Halloween dreams come true! Plus, their staff are super helpful – they’ll guide you through their huge inventory and help pick out just what you need.

Don’t forget about Halloween Hallway, another stellar choice if you’re near one of their six outlets across Illinois. They specialize in budget-friendly options without compromising on quality or style! Your kiddos can become anything they desire – pirates, astronauts or even adorable animals.

Finally, if you’re closer to Morton Grove, check out Card & Party Giant. Though not solely a Halloween store, it has a wide range of children’s costumes that are worth checking out!

Here’s a quick rundown:

Store Location Highlights
Fantasy Costumes Chicago Unique & fun designs
Chicago Costume Multiple Locations Huge Inventory
Halloween Hallway Multiple Locations Budget-Friendly
Card & Party Giant Morton Grove Wide Range

So go ahead, let your child’s imagination run wild this Halloween season at these fantastic outlets offering the best children’s costumes around Illinois!

Halloween Makeup Finds in Illinois Stores

Now, let’s dive into the hidden gems of Halloween makeup in Illinois. You’re probably thinking, “Where can I get that perfect vampire look or create a realistic zombie face?” We’ve found some top-notch stores that carry an array of spooky makeup options.

First off, you’ll want to head over to Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. Here, they have an entire section dedicated to makeup. From professional grade latex for those gruesome wounds to glow-in-the-dark paints for a haunting ghostly vibe. They even offer prosthetics if you’re going all out this year!

Next up is Chicago Costume. They stock the well-known brand Mehron Makeup, used by professional theater and film artists! So you know it’s good stuff. Not only do they offer a wide variety of colors and palettes but also special effects products like fake blood and liquid latex.

Heading south? Make sure to stop by The Costume Trunk in Peoria. This local favorite has been serving the community since 1976! While their costume selection is vast, their makeup assortment isn’t lacking either.

Your final destination should be Dallas & Co. down in Champaign-Urbana area. Their store boasts an impressive range of theatrical makeup from brands like Ben Nye and Kryolan. It’s worth noting that many professional haunters shop here specifically for their high-quality supplies.

Remember though – finding the right Halloween makeup is only half the battle; applying it correctly is just as important! Many Illinois stores hold tutorials throughout October so keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities too. With these fantastic finds across Illinois, you’ll be ready to spook anyone this Halloween season!

Accessories to Perfect Your Scary Look: Illinois Edition

So, you’ve found the perfect Halloween costume at one of Illinois’ top-notch stores. Now what? Well, it’s time to bring your look to life with some killer accessories! You know what they say – the devil’s in the details.

First off, let’s talk about masks. Whether you’re going for a classic scary movie villain or something a bit more out there (alien invader, anyone?), nothing completes a spooky ensemble like a high-quality mask. If you’re in Chicago, make sure to stop by Fantasy Costumes on Milwaukee Avenue – they boast over 1 million items in their inventory and I promise you’ll find something that makes your skin crawl!

Next up is makeup. Don’t underestimate its power! From realistic fake blood to eerie zombie pallors, good makeup can turn an average outfit into an unforgettable nightmare. Spirit Halloween stores – scattered over various Illinois locations including Rockford and Peoria – have got you covered with their wide range of special effects makeup kits.

Let’s not forget props! A grim reaper isn’t quite as terrifying without his scythe, right? Stores like Halloween City in Springfield offer an array of props that will give your costume the extra oomph it needs.

Finally, consider adding some finishing touches with jewelry and other small accessories. Maybe it’s a creepy spider ring for your witch costume or vampire fangs for Dracula getup – check out Savers thrift store chains across Illinois for these inexpensive yet effective additions.

Remember folks, when it comes to perfecting your scary look this Halloween season in Illinois – it’s all about those spine-chilling extras!

Illinois Stores Offering Discounts on Halloween Items

If you’re hunting for a bargain this spooky season, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a scoop on some of the top stores in Illinois offering fantastic discounts on Halloween items.

First on the list is Spirit Halloween. This store is well-known for its wide range of costumes, decorations, and accessories all dedicated to Halloween. Plus, they’ve got an annual sale that offers up to 50% off selected items. Who wouldn’t want that?

Then we have Halloween City, another great pit stop for your Halloween shopping spree. They offer discounts up to 30% off during their pre-Halloween sales event. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for quality at a lower price!

Not forgetting about Target, they’ve got some spook-tacular deals too! Their clearance section can save you up to 70% off – it’s like getting your candy at half the price!

Finally, don’t overlook your local mom-and-pop shops like The Costume Scene or Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. These local gems often have end-of-season sales and special offers that could surprise you with some serious savings.

Here are these deals in a nutshell:

Store Discount
Spirit Up to 50%
Target Up to 70%
Costume Scene/Fantasy Costumes Special Offers

Remember though: these discounts aren’t going to last forever! So grab your broomsticks and get ready for some fun shopping trips around town!

The Final Boo: Wrapping Up Best Halloween Stores in Illinois

So, you’ve joined us on a spine-chilling journey through the spookiest Halloween stores across Illinois. Bet you’ve been thrilled with all those creepy costumes, hair-raising decorations, and of course, ghoulish goodies we’ve showcased! Now that our tour’s come to an end, let’s take a quick look back at what we discovered.

Firstly, it’s clear that Illinois takes Halloween very seriously – and so should you! From Chicago’s ghastly emporiums like “Fantasy Costumes” and “Chicago Costume,” to Springfield’s treasure troves such as “Fun World Party Warehouse,” your options are many. Remember how each store had its unique charm? Some specialized in realistic props while others boasted an impressive array of costumes for everyone!

Secondly, don’t forget about the hidden gems we found like “Halloween City” in Peoria. It might not have the fame of other stores but boy did it deliver on variety and quality! And let’s not forget those family-run businesses adding their personal touch to the holiday experience – they truly make Halloween feel special.

Here is a quick recap:

Store Location Specialization
Fantasy Costumes Chicago Extensive costume range
Chicago Costume Chicago Custom made outfits
Fun World Party Warehouse Springfield Decorations & party supplies
Halloween City Peoria All-around Halloween items

Lastly, remember these aren’t just for your yearly fright-night fix. Most of these shops are open year-round catering to different events or theatric needs so keep them in mind!

Well folks, that wraps up our ghostly guide to the best Halloween stores in Illinois. We hope this helps you find exactly what you need to make your festivities horrifyingly unforgettable. Happy haunting!

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